How does the metering system work?
How does the metering system work?
Dubuque’s meter system includes Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology that eliminates the need to manually read the meter, prevents recording errors, minimizes wear and tear on vehicles, and allows quicker detection of water line leaks. Each of Dubuque's water meters is connected to a radio frequency meter interface unit (MIU), which collects water usage data from the meter and remotely transmits the information to data collectors. The MIU is located on the exterior of the structure containing the meter. The MIU and water meter work as a unit to measure water flow and detect intermittent leaks, continuous leaks, reverse flow situations, and zero usage situations.
This metering system has been in place for all customers in the city of Dubuque since 2011 and is considered a “smart” metering system. In addition to the functions listed above, this metering system features Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology that saves time, prevents recording errors, and potentially allows water line leaks to be identified sooner rather than later.

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