Winding machine before use should check the project

publisher: Quincy
Time: 2018-08-22

(1) coiling machine beforestarting to use, should be detailed check nameplate, check circuit, start-up equipment,and other related devices, each part of the circuit is completed, grounding isreliable, the fuse are in good condition and in conformity with the provisions,switch, contactor, etc are in good condition, circuit fault, open circuit,short circuit and other damages to the motor.

(2) the coiling machine beforethe power is connected, check the insulation status, if the insulation resistance is not enough,should be dry processing, check the insulation of the rotor winding,calibration of carbon brush spring pressure, remove dirt on the surface of the slip rings and carbon brushes.

(3) winding machine beforeuse, no-load running test I should do first, check the rotation direction ofthe winding machine is correct, if you want to change, you only need to switchany two-phase wiring of the winding machine. Observable winding machine isnormal operation at the same time, with or without abnormal sound or vibration,etc., to prove that everything is ok, just can load startup.


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