Contactless Type Prepaid water meter

Group Intelligent Water Meter
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment all
Update Time 2015-04-03
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Characteristics of the product:
  1,Using Mifare One Card (touchless type) and the meter body is fully sealed to protect against water
  2,One family with one meter to record the water quantity. Support one meter multicard, including cold, hot and purified water meter as well as kWh meter
  3,Valve will shut down for warning when the remaining water yield is less than the warning limitation, and the valve will open up when inserting the card; Valve will shut down when water is used up, then the consumer has to purchase water again
  4,Valve will termly shut down and open up automatically to prevent rust
  5,Detailed LCD display. Low consumption design. The data will be saved even if the power is cut off
  6,Patent ball velve, bearing high temperature, low pressure loss
  7,Battery life is more than 6 years. Low battery warning
  8,Patent ball velve, low pressure loss
  9,Optional single rate or complex rate billing ladder model
  • Type:  LXSGIC-15E~25E(cold),LXSRIC-15~25(hot)
  • Size:  DN15mm,DN20mm,DN25mm
  • Woking pressure:  0.03~1MPa
  • Pressure loss:  <0.1MPa
  • Class:  2
  • Flow turndown(Q3/Q1):80,63,50
  • Permanent flowrate:  2.5m3/h,4.0m3/h,6.3m3/h
  • Max. count:  99999.9999m3
  • Water temperature:  0.1~30°C(cold),0.1~90°C(hot)
  • Water quality:  clean water
  • Battery life:  >6 Years