ZY-81BH/ ZY110BH Toroidal transformer winding machine
ZY-81BH/ ZY110BH Toroidal transformer winding machine
ZY-81BH/ ZY-110BH





 ZY-81BH/ ZY-110BH  toroidal transformer winding machine is a high-speed device ,as well as an accurately and reliability digital toroidal coil winder,which is developed according to the technology requirements of small inner of miniature transformer, small wire diameter, many turns and great number. 

   IY-81BH/ IY-110BH  toroidal transformer winding machine can be used for toroidal inductor,toroidal transformer, toroidal current transformer, toroidal current sensor,toroidal coil, toroidal chock coil, power inductors etc.

ZY-81BH/ ZY-110BH



       Main Technical Parameters :




  1.PLC programmable with touch screen.

  2.Compact structure, accurate winding, Reliable.

  3.Wide range of winding.